Career Guidance Week 2011

Career Guidance Week 2011

As it has now established itself as a regular event, an integral event of VVans Sankalpa, CGW 2011 is being organized in the month of December to help our juniors at VVSHS, who are now in tenth standard make important career decisions.

This year too, we have taken elaborate steps to ensure that the quality of speakers who advice students is at the highest.All other arrangements also have been made to take care of the needs of the programme, including snacks for the students.

For those who do not know what Career Guidance Week is, I would like to give a brief introduction. CGW is a week long program for the students of tenth standard of VVSHS. The purpose of the programme is to show the students that there are various careers waiting for them, and to guide them about how to go about to get to be a professional in a particular  field. We bring in speakers who not only provide information, but more importantly, Inspiration. We do not call upon a person who trains individuals to take NDA exam, but we bring a person who actually led our army to victory at Kargil to speak about army; this is just an example to explain to you the nature of the program. Our aim is not to influence a student's decision in career options, but to provide him a clear picture of all the possibilities so that he can make an informed decision, driven by his passion, not by peer pressure or herd-mentality.

This is the fourth year we are having this program and you can see what we have done the previous years by clicking on these links CGW 2008, CGW 2009, CGW 2010.

This year's Schedule:

Dec 17th 2011
Importance of Career Choice: Dr. Deepak Haldipur
Civil Services as a Career: Mr. Anil Kumar IAS
Careers in Army: Col. Raveendranath

Dec 19th 2011
Careers in Agriculture and agricultural sciences: Mr Satish Chandra
How to go about PUC: Mr. Kushal. (CET Topper, presently pursuing Engineering)

Dec 20th 2011
Careers in Visual Arts and Entertainment: Mr. Sihi Kahi Chandru
Careers in Pure Sciences: Dr. Ragavendra, Principal, Deeksha College.

Dec 21st 2011
Careers in Engineering: Mr. Manohar R.D
Careers in Biotechnology: Dr.Purushottam

Dec 22nd 2011
Politics and Leadership: Mr. Cheluvaraj
Careers in Medicine: Dr.Lakshman

Dec 23rd 2011
Careers in Commerce: Mr. Navneet
Careers in Law: Mr. Joga Rao

Dec 24th 2011
Careers in Sports: Mr.Arjun Devaiah
Job Orientated Courses (after SSLC) & opportunities in the Government Sector: Mr. Veeranna


  1. Great process!

    Adding a career guidance at the 10th std is really great.... I passed out of 10th in the year 1990-1991 batch, and can imagine that a process like this can be very informative to young students.

  2. Salutations to P. Dwarkanath and K. V. Nagaraj and all other teachers :)

  3. Thank you!! We've done this for four years now.. and have got a lot of positive feedback.. We are trying to improvise each year..

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