VVans Sankalpa is the name of the Association formed by the Alumni of Vidya Vardhaka Sangha High School.

VVSHS has the honor of producing world class individuals, not just mere students. VVans are today placed all over the world in all kinds of professions and needless to say, they are excelling.

But somewhere we all miss our old days, the good old days in high school, which in the course of molding us into what we are today, gave us our share of fun which we cannot probably get anywhere else and obviously which no sum of money can buy. It is this thought that made us feel that its time we do something to re-live those old days and get back what we are missing in our everyday life……

The Process

The lack of an alumni association for an institution this great was always felt among all of us. A few guys from the batch of 2002 felt the need to 'Do Something' to fill this void. This was the plan with which VVans- VVSHS Alumni Association was started. 
What started five years ago as a batch reunion gained momentum in the days to come. We felt the need to connect all the alumni with each other and with their teachers, irrespective of batch or any other criteria. Fortunately, we were able to find a lot of support among our friends, a few senior alumni and the management of VVS. 

Two years later, we decided to make it big, and organised a reunion of all the batches of VVSHS, and did our best to contact and gather people from batches as old as 1970 upto the current day batch. We called this program SANGAMA-2008, which was a huge success, and also the launch pad for our organisation officially, in the presence of the members of the management of VVS. Sangama 2011, which was the second edition of this program was also a major success, reuniting hundreds of alumni.

Then, there was no turning back, and we realised that we have to start our developmental activities, both for the school, and for the society. As a result, we started programs like 'Career Guidance Week', which are going on successfully.

Also, through the website, we are able to maintain a database of all the members who register with us, and keep in touch with them to update the activities of the association as well as the school. Also, pictures from various events that have happened throughout the history of VVSHS have been gathered to be put up on the net, to share the nostalgia.Some are already in our picture gallery and a lot more are awaiting to be scanned and put up soon.

We became a registered organisation on Nov 26th 2010. Today, we are not a bunch of 5 youngsters, but a well represented group, with many people joining us from the batches of 1970s to the passouts of 2010. Among us, we have wide variety of resources- talents, skills, knowledge and monetary. We plan to use these wisely for the betterment of our surroundings.

What are we planning?

As we plan to grow into an association that intends on 'Giving Back', be it to the school or the society in general, we are planning on having constructive activities, mainly aimed at the student community of VVSHS as well as other school students in need, like the students in the government schools.

For four consecutive years, we conducted the Career guidance Week Program for the students of VVSHS, which was well received by the students, and the feedback has motivated us to carry on the program in the years to come. We have also started some activities, aimed at benefiting the students of a government school, which includes educational trips and talks from eminent people. Very soon, we are going to implement a wide variety of small and large scale activities. We have had discussions with people from various fields about how to do our bit to bring a positive change in our surroundings. An example would be an anti-tobacco campaign aimed at high school kids we plan to undertake in 2012 and a conference regarding energy conservation and alternate energy sources for a better world in 2013-14.

You can follow our activities on this site and for any further details, feel free to contact us. We would also like to know your suggestions and we would like to make you a part of our endeavor too in any way you would like to contribute.


  1. Great work indeed.When I visit India next time,I would like to meet some of you people.

    Dr Praveen

  2. Great Progress. Keep up the work.

    Bharat Jain 1977-1986(9th class)

  3. love to be amongst you guys to do something for my school. I can do something regarding career guidance, entrepreneurship development, and many art/life/soft skill training can be given.