The School

The Origin

Having had its birth on June 5, 1963 in a rented room with thatched roofs , it was indeed an obstacle race for the institution and our school had to climb arduous steps to win the glory , status, name , fame and a building of its own. The timely guidance and the far-sightedness of our management members should be remembered with reverence as they were keen on involving many retired departmental officials as Head Masters and gaining from their many valuable and wide experiences.

Such men of merit, who worked as Head Masters of V.V.S.H.S were Smt .B.Jayalakshamma, Sri M .N. Lakshminarayana Rao, Sri H.B. Raghavendra Rao , Sri Ramachandra Rao , Sri M. Krishnamurthy, Sri T. N. Ramkrishnaiah , Sri H Nagesh Rao , who laid the strong foundation and an edifice to our institution.

Over the years

At Vidya Vardhaka Sangha High School the fire has always glown with brightness. VVSHS has achieved victory in multifaceted activities – a hall mark of our institution. Today Vidya Vardhaka Sangha High School stands as one of the most reputed schools in Karnataka and is certainly due to the unassuming , untiring, enlightened , dedicated services of many teachers and the magnanimity and generosity of our management members.
VVSHS today, is proud of hundreds and thousands who have excelled at state, national and international levels in various fields such as Politics , Sports , Law , Corporate , Engineering , Medical, Defence , Entertainment , Music – a fulfilled dream of visionary leaders of our institution.

The Faculty
The teachers of VVSHS have always excelled in their respective Fields, with most of them groomed by the present joint secretary of VVSHS, previously the headmaster of the school Sri P.G. Dwaraknath - who was a task master and strict disciplinarian and responsible for bringing an excellent order in our institution .
Sri R Lakshminaranyana is remembered with respect for his assistance as Head Master from 1998 to 2004 and later Sri C.S.Vasudeva Murthy continued as Head Master for sometime. Smt. B.S.Vijaya is treading on the same line as Head Mistress of our High School now.

We are working on getting you closer to your Alma mater.
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