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There were 3 successful events conducted in 
1. Career Guidance Week- 2010 
2. Drama Workshop for Students of VVSHS
3.Educational Trip for Students of a Government School

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1. Career Guidance Week- 2010

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We are yet again proud to present to you the success of the third Career Guidance Week at VVSHS.
As we have been doing for the past three years, we conducted CGW this year also, in the month of December for the Tenth Standard students of VVSHS.

The idea of the program, i.e. to educate the students about the career options available was again executed well, thanks to the excellent co-ordination between the school & the alumni association.

Here is a brief summary of the program.....

‘Career Guidance Week 2010’ started on Saturday 18th December. The inauguration was good with all the teachers present for the Lamp lighting. The students were excited to get the most from the speakers.

 The topics and speakers for the 1st day were:

Job Opportunities: Mr. Veeranna, Asst. Director at the Employment exchange office, who spoke about the current scenario for job seekers in various feilds.

PUC: Mr.Kushal Murthy, a CET topper, presently in RV College of engineering guided the students on how to go about PUC, CET, and other competative exams.

Diploma/Engg: Mr. Harsha, who is now working at Wipro spoke about how to pursue diploma & then build a career with it.
All the speakers did a good job in letting the students know what they wanted. Students were also very excited and had a lot of questions to ask.

2nd day the topics and speakers were:

Commerce: Mr.Devendra Nayak, C.A., and his associate Mr. Navneeth Hebbar. They had a very good presentation prepared fo the students, which was educative & interesting. There was a long question answer session which followed.

Armed Forces: Col. Raveendranath, who is a Kargil war veteran, and who has graced our CGW since it's inception with his presence made sure that he again inspired the students with his patriotic talk, and also gave the students an idea of the enormous opportunities Army offers. As usual, he was one of the most inspiring speakers!

3rd day the topics and speakers were:

Engineering: Mr.Shriram, an entrepreneur, spoke about the vast field of engineering and the opportunities. He also spoke about the common mistakes youth tend to do. He touched upon entrepreneurship and related topics too.

Sports: Mr. Jeethendra Shetty, Assoc. Director, Adventure sports division. He spoke about the benefits of being  sports-person an terms of career growth and opportunities.

Students really enjoyed and benefitted a lot from the speakers. Again students asked a lot of questions.

4th day the topics and speakers were:

Medicine: Dr. Lakshman & Dr. Munireddy both eminent surgeons, and known for their social service gave an excellent overview of the medical profession. They made their session very interactive & the students were happy to co-operate. Though they made the students aware of the hardships faced by today's medical students, they were able to inspire a lot of young minds to be part of this noble profession.

Vocational Courses: N. Satyaprakash, who needs no introduction to us, a celebrated teacher or VVSHS contributed to our programme with his presentation about the vocatinal courses that can be taken up by some students after tenth standard.

5th day the topics and speakers were:

Law: Mr. Amogh
Journalism: Ms. Shrilakshmi

“Excited, lot of questions, benefiting”, that describes it all.

6th day the topics and speakers were:
Pure Sciences: Dr.Ragavendra, physicist
Biological Sciences & Biotechnology: Dr. Purushottham
Wildlife, Photography & Film Making- Mr. Adarsh & Co.

Last day of the program and yet the excitement in students was same as the 1st day. The speakers were excellent, arguably the best of the program. Students asked a lot of questions. 

To gist it all, the program was a great success and we hope that the students will be benefited from all of it.

We would like to thank the school for their extended support. Also for all the teachers who supported us on all the days. Special thanks to Mr.Chikkaiah & Mr.Ramachandra  for the support.

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Drama Workshop & Stage performance by the students of VVSHS sponsored by the Alumni Association
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It used to be a routine in the yester-years to have a drama workshop every year and train the interested children in acting, direction and other theater skills. Over a period of time, it had however stopped, and for the past 10-15 years, there was no such program. however, the Kailasam Drama competition has been happening regularly.

Our present Head Master, Sri H.G.Narayan Rao (HGN) along with the Joint secretary of VVS and the ex-Head master Sri. P.G.Dwarakanth thought to revive the program. This year, as a result, there was a drama workshop and was sponsored entirely by the Alumni Association.

The workshop was conducted by a team from the Karnataka Drama Academy (Karnataka Nataka Academy) under the guidance of Dr.B.V. Rajaram, the chief of the academy. the students were trained for 25 days in acting, direction, and other theater skills.

The final day was the exhibition of a drama "Mallige" at VVSHS. It was a 1 hour long drama well enacted by the students, reflecting the training they had got.

The idea of this exercise was to teach the students the basics of acting and develop in them skills required for Direction, Costumes, Stage settings etc., Also, the students were taught how to make use of the minimal resources and get the best out of them.

We congratulate the team of faculty of VVSHS for putting up this program and wish them all the best for their future endeavors to encourage all round development of the students.

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Educational Trip for the students of Saneguruvanahalli Government School

Hi fellow VVans,

As a part of the long term programme of extending support to other schools, VVans took the children of Saneguruvanahalli Government School, Bangalore, on a one-day educational trip to Vishweshvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum and Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium on the 9th of July, as was planned. It was an inspirational and rewarding experience.

Our first place of visit was the planetarium, where to the delight of the children, we were able to take them to the show they had. The show at the planetarium added another dimension to their conceptual understanding of the universe. This was evident from the children's feedback that clearly indicated that they had seen a corelation between what they had been taught and the visual show they witnessed.

The children were also able to understand and appreciate the models displayed outside the main hall in the science park. Apart from these, we had made arrangements there for the screening of a few videos including “Eclipses of the sun and the moon”, “Documentary on Kalpana Chawla” and more. Students were also spoken to about various aspects of astrophysics relevant at their stage by the staff of the planetarium.

The next venue was the Vishweshvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. The exhibits at the museum included sections on Engines, Biotechnology, Space Research and Electronics. This enabled the children to translate into actual knowledge the purely theoretical ideas that they had had in these fields until then. Such a varied display seemed to interest all the children and probably intrigued them into learning more in future. The hands-on experience they had there was something they cherished.
A 20 minute 3D movie was also part of the entire spectrum at the museum. This was a first time experience for the children as was evident in their pleasure. We were also able to give logical explanations about some of the models, and asked the museum staff for help where ever necessary, which added to the interest factor for the children.

Apart from these, the children also got an opportunity to see the Vidhana Soudha and the High Court. They were told about the significance of the two structures and were given all the information that would be relevant for them to know at their age.

It was surprising to see that despite residing in Bangalore, a vast majority of the students told us that this was the first time they visited here and had only seen in the movies and on TV previously!

We hope to be able to bring into effect many more such events to concentrate on schools who are not privileged enough to have this as a part of their yearly curriculum. It was in fact a very satisfying experience to have given these children an opportunity like this. The gratitude they showed spoke for itself. The feedback that we got from the students as well as the teachers of the school has encouraged us to do many more such events in future, gradually increasing our area and base of inclusion.

Mr.Santosh C.S. was the co-ordinator of the program, and was supported by Dr.Ganesh Ashwath, Mr.Hemanth N., Mr. Govind Ram, Mr.Dheeraj Shyam & Ms. Megha Singh. The programme was solely funded by Dr. Deepak Haldipur. We express our gratitude to Mr.Shankaraiah, Headmaster of the school for his co-operation in organising the event.

Compiled by

Megha Singh


  1. excellent work kanro...really nice knowing that the kids enjoyed it..

  2. Dear Team
    Congrats on completion of the educational tour successfully.
    Best wishes for more of such programs.
    Sandhya Umarji

  3. Nice job guys keep going. I wish I could have made it along with you guys, but anyhow what effort we had put earlier has become successful. congrats

  4. I am very happy to view the photos.It was a
    good gesture on the part of you.CONGRATS

  5. Thank you Vijay Atul and Sandhya madam.
    Special thanks to NSP sir.
    Encouragement & motivation like this will help us plan n execute many such programmes.

  6. sir i am sorry to say this. our vidyavardhaka high school is not what it was in pastc few years back. teachers are not doing their job

  7. I am a close friend of Dr. Deepak Haldipur.. we studied together at VVSHS and I am really happy to see all my teacher who tought me ..I was very close PGD,KVN & RLN but as a bad student!!!!!!!. Today I still rememeber them even after 34 yrs. Great teacher,great school & great environment. Whenever I vist India, I make sure to show our school to my kids.

    Great school..

    Thanks for sharing

    Gurunath Desai