Events 2011

This year was an amazing year for our organization. Starting the year as a registered organization with a functional and solid structure, we were able to carry out a wide variety of events.

We made sure that the activities started by us in the yester-years went on smoothly this year too. Apart from that, the highlight of 2011 for us was Sangama 2011, the mega re-union of all the alumni and teachers of VVSHS. The event, as we all know was a memorable one which helped hundreds of alumni get together at one place, meet with their teachers and re-live those golden days. Another highlight was felicitation of our alumni who have achieved laurels at international levels and made us proud. We also opened up memberships and had numerous life & annual members being registered.

Another important aspect we would like to let you know is that this year, we had an excellent participation from all batches of VVSHS. We had batches of 1977, 1978, 2010 etc very actively involved for Sangama, and later for CGW. With participation of both seniors and juniors whole heatedly, with their full support, we believe VVans Sankalpa can go places which we only dreamt of a few years ago.

Please click on the following links to view the description of each event and to see the links to the pictures. Do let us know what you feel and how we can improve.

2. Awareness program for a rural government school at Belegere about a job oriented training program.

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