Wednesday, December 21, 2011

VVans Is now REGISTERED !! And now it is "VVans Sankalpa"

“VVans” is now registered..

                                   .. and now it is “VVans Sankalpa”

VVans- VVSHS Alumni association, an idea that evolved over the last 5 years, which was inaugurated at the VVSHS campus by the Staff, alumni and students of the school at Sangama-2008 is now officially registered!
Also, the alumni association with over 800 registered members (online) is now called “VVans Sankalpa”. This name was chosen to signify the resolution of the Alumni to involve ourselves through this association in constructive activities that are going to benefit the student community and the society in general.

This is one step further in fulfilling our aims and objectives of being a robust and eventful alumni association, by having a structured organization to carry out the planned events and also to manage the activities of the organization in a legally apt manner.

This was also a necessary step to carry out bigger events, for which official correspondence is required with the government/corporate or other official bodies. Also, the process facilitates the proper management of funds with full transparency and accountability, at the same time, giving the donors the benefits like tax exemptions etc.,

Enclosed here is the list of founder members & the first executive committee members. These members are the people who took keen interest in starting the association and have participated in the organization of various events conducted by VVans till date like Sangama-2008, Career Guidance week 2008, Career Guidance week 2009, and the educational trip for the government school children.

Also, now you can become an official member to the alumni association, to be intimated about the meetings, activities etc, and you can also give your ideas and participate in the activities. Write to us at for more details.

Click 'read more' or here to see the list of committee members.

List Of Executive Committee Members

Dr.Ganesh Ashwath

Hemanth N.

Santosh C. Shettar
Joint Secretary

Vivek Ramaprasad

Vijay Kumar G.R
Joint Treasurer

Dr.Deepak Haldipur

Sampath S.

Govindram V.N.

Other Founder Members

Capt. Vivek Shanbag
Madhan Kumar K.
Praveen Hunchikatti
Dheeraj Shyam V.N.

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