Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wishing Our Teachers a HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY

'A student spends 25,000 hours in the campus. The school must have the best of teachers who have the ability to teach, love teaching and build moral qualities' - A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM

Let us take this opportunity on this teachers' day to remember or beloved teachers at Vidyavardhaka High School, who in fact helped us mould ourselves into what we are today! Rather than giving out notes and assignments day in and day out, and making us masters of the text books, they gave us enough freedom to suit our own learning styles and gave us the optimal guidance we needed. Moreover, we they gave us 'Role Models' in the form of themselves to whom we could look up to for values and morals; something that's not a part of the regular curriculum for passing SSLC,but much necessary to be individuals building a good society.

Friends, we cannot do enough to pay off this debt to our teachers. But let us all take a step forward and try yo tell them how much we are indebted to them, and convey our regards.
Leave in your message to the teachers in the comments box below. Remember to put your name and batch after your message. We ensure you that these messages will be seen by the staff at VVSHS and replied to !!

Also, at VVans we are working towards getting you closer to your teachers by putting up more info about them soon on our site


  1. Humble salutations to all VVS teachers

    Dr praveen Kumar

  2. Salutations to all the VVS teachers who have shaped our thoughts and beliefs to make us what we are today.

    Ravindra Manvi
    Passed in 2000

  3. A very happy teachers' day to our respected teachers in VVS.

    'B' section, 2001 batch

  4. I wish all my teachers a very Happy Teacher's day.
    'B' section, 2006 batch

  5. Happy teachers day to all our respected teachers of VVS.

    'D' SECTION 1984 BATCH

  6. "Acharya devo bhava"

    Happy teachers day to all our teachers.

    B Sec., 2003 batch

  7. "Guruve namaha"
    I owe my success and knowledge gained to my teachers.

    D Sec , 2000 passout

  8. Happy Teachers day to all our Teachers( HGN, CSV, BLM, TRS,RLN, HGD, BJR, KVN,CV, to name a few).
    10th C- 1998

  9. i wish all ma beloved teachers of vvs a very happy teachers day...v love u n respect u forever Dr sahana gr

  10. Happy Teachers day to all our Teachers at VVS ( HGN, CSV, BLM, TRS,RLN, HGD, BJR, KVN,CV, BSV, KN, Mr.Dwaaraknath)

  11. Happy Teachers day to all my beloved Teachers.

    -- Shivu
    10th C 2000 Passout

  12. happy teacher's day to all the teachers of my school

  13. Happy teachers day to all my teachers of VVS. You shaped our lives for a better tomorrow.
    Thank you.

    Puneeth I
    10th B 2005 Passout.

  14. Wishing all the teachers at VVSHS a very happy teachers' day. Life would not have been the same if not for you!!

    Ganesh Ashwath
    2002 B passout

  15. I will always be thankful to my VVS Teachers.
    Thank you teachers for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today!!! Happy Teachers Day!!

    Santosh C S
    2002 'B' passout

  16. Thanks to all my VVS teachers.
    What ever we are today is because of your guidance and inspirations , aspirations to reach the heights in our life!!!!
    Happy Teachers Day....!!

    Swetha B N
    2002 "B"

  17. I am mostly what I am due to my experiences in VVS. Thanks to all my teachers from whom i consciously or subconsciously imbibed so much knowledge and values.Wisha a happy teachers day to one and all

    Atul BV
    2002 B

  18. Namaskara Yella Nanna GurugaLae:

    Happy Teachers' Day!!!!

    Kind Regards,
    AruN Shankar
    Batch of 1978-81

  19. Happy Teacher Day!!
    Thanks to all my teachers who imbibed the knowledge and values that are guiding me in my life.

  20. I always remember my school & its teachers for shaping our student life, with which we are able to successfully lead our life today.

    Happy Teachers day

    - Prakash K.J.
    1984 Batch "c" Section

  21. "Acharya devo bhava"

    To all who taught to laugh,live,lead & lend in loyality

  22. Happy teachers days to all the wonderful teachers of VVSHS. Thanks a lot for building a strong foundation to us. I will always be grateful..

    2002 'B'

  23. My hearty wishes and salutations to all the respected teachers of VVSHS !!!

    Best regards,
    Srilatha S. (1990 Batch, 'B' section)

    1. Hi Srilatha my name is geetha. I am searching for hemalatha g ( guessing the last name ).
      She studied only tenth grade in vidyavardhaka and lived in rajajinagar.And she batch 1990.
      So while browising saw you are from same batch. Please help.
      You can email me
      Or my number US number is 973 527 7358.(live in US.

  24. My hearty wishes to all teachers of VVS who moulded us into what we are today.

    C G Rajesh
    1988 batch

  25. happy teachers day to all our dear teachers

  26. Salutations to all my teachers at VVS.. A very happy teacher's day..

    2000 Batch - 'C' Section

  27. Happy Teachers Day to all my teachers of VVSHS.

    Praveen S
    1997 Batch pass out "B' Section