Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Platform For All VVans - VVans Védiké

In a neatly decked hall some years ago quite near our high school was an occasion to celebrate, the students and faculty of our wonderful school mingled together , had fun, became nostalgic and a few speeches were made on the podium. Among these speeches was a common theme that this network of students and alumni must be used towards something constructive, that this should be a platform where people having the common foundation of Vidyavardhaka could join hands in endeavors to benefit the school, society and gladden our hearts.

A lot of time has passed but now the platform is not just a thought but an actual presence that awaits only your participation and contribution. The network of currently 800 registered VVans awaits the needy and many more Alumni are sure to expand this network.

 From the VVans community, we are proud to bring forth the idea of VVans Vedike, the platform built around interacting vvans for them.

Today, We take immense  pleasure in Launching this platform, which we call


  1. Nice job guys..Hope VEDIKE satisfy the thirst of all the VVANS by providing a platform to express their feelings and also to reinvent their happy school days...

  2. This is a great platform for VVans to express their thoughts and take that first steps towards converting their thoughts into actions. Amazing initiative people! Hoping this platform will pour in lots of thoughts to convert the Vedike's vision into action.