2011 Events

Educational Trip for students of Saneguruvanahalli Government School

Encouraged by the success of Education Trip conducted in 2010 for Tenth standard students of government high school located at Saneguruvanahalli, Bangalore, this year also we organized an Educational Trip to Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and Visveshvarayya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore .
The purpose of the trip was intended to provide the students of a government school an opportunity to experience outside their everyday activities by visiting Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium and Visveshvarayya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore.
The idea was to extend the benefits of the programs of our association to students other than that of VVSHS. So, we have selected a particular government school located at Saneguruvanahalli, Bangalore. Since this school did not had a similar program in place, we thought of incorporating this as a small beginning, reminiscent of our nostalgic days and at the same time the school management is  very cooperative.

We had this programme on 17th of August, 2011. Seven members from the VVans - Sankalpa association took part in organizing this event. We took the students to Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum where we organized a guided tour of the museum to the children and then took them to the new 3D show they have at the museum. Followed by a lunch we took them to the Planetarium, involved them in a lecture/slide show program and then take to the sky view in the dome.

At both the places, we made arrangements for some extra programs which will be informative to the children in terms of educational movies and special lectures, which are usually not done for the general public.

Other than the above mentioned locations, We also walked them through Vidhana Soudha & High Court.
They were told about the significance of the two structures and were given all the information that would be relevant for them to know at their age.
The students were very happy at the end of the day and were grateful for the opportunity they got. They told us that this was the first time they ever got to see in action what they had seen in books and tried to imagine all these days. A few students even said that they had never seen Vidhana Soudha in real life. The gratitude they showed was so heart-warming that we are motivated to carry out more such events in the years to come.

Thanking you.

Vijay Kumar G.R
Chief Organizer, Educational Trip
Jt. Treasurer,

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